Work Together

here come-old searcher he come

moanin’up grumpy he stays

im-pact factor he wants

better grants than he got

eyes – up - to his fees

got to be hard worker

and just do what he please

he wear no blue jeans he got

thick glasses on his nose

old fashion and hair style

Nobel Prize in his mind

he knows rules, but needs me

One thing he will tell you is

You’d never be free

Work together, right now

…on your knees

I can stay here all the day

even nights and week-ends

western blots till I die

eating crackers I can 

If I would love to dream 

Let me do my research 

You can join this new team

Work together, right now

…beyond me

I roller coaster I got

early warning I got

Many fellows, I have

and my post-docs they said

one and one and one is you

Got to be nice being

If you want to work here

Work together, right now

beyond me

Work together, yeah

Work together

Work together, Yeah

Work together

Work together, Yeah

Original by John Lennon & Paul McCartney

Membranized by Cedric Delevoye & Etienne Morel